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At Zenith, we have a team which consists of the finest experts to provide you with an unmatched service in terms of legal compliance in main areas of your corporate activity.

Our Human Resource and Legal department assist you in dealing with your legal and management issues with your staffs in the most cost-effective and risk-free manner. Thus, we provide technical assistance and solutions, both in terms of management and labour law, from recruitment to dismissal.

Moreover, we dispense soft-skill trainings for your staff development and company growth. The trainings keep you abreast with new business challenges, strategies, and solutions in line with your company mission and vision.

We provide solutions!

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Legal Compliance

Employment Laws

Health and Safety


Company Law

Immigration and Work permit

Intellectual property Law

Refer to Legal Compliance on menu for detailed services

Human Resource

Audit on Human Resource Structure

Optimising Human Resource Structure

Implemeting an efficient Payroll System

On-site and Remote HR assistance:

  • Payroll
  • Staff Performance Monitoring
  • Absences & Lateness Monitoring
  • Implementing Government Employment Schemes

Recruitment assistance

Database of trained job seekers

Occupational, Health and Safety

OSHA Consultancy

Safety audit

Risk assessment report

Business Facilitation

Our team has what it takes to best advise you on how to start a business in Mauritius. Moreover, we assist and spoon feed you in all your undertakings until you are up and running.

  • Legal ( Licenses, Work Permit, Employment Law, Company Law, Taxation, Intellectual Property, Health and Safety, Secretarial services)
  • Human Resource ( Recruitment, Management, Dismissal)
  • Health and Safety (A to Z compliance)
  • Taxation ( Salary including Director’s remuneration, VAT and Corporate Tax return)

Corporate Training

Employment Related Law Awareness

Pre and Post Employability Skills

Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Fire Drill and Hazards, OSHA recommended industrial training

Teamwork First

Training to Job seekers and/or Employees

Basic Pre and Post Employability Skills &

Job interview techniques

Basic Employment Related law Awareness


Save over Rs 50,000 monthly

You save over Rs 50,000/- monthly with our Legal Compliance and Human Resource Services especially on huge costs resulting from legal disputes with your employees.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

We help your company comply with prevailing regulatory framework without making unnecessary expense.

Save Your Precious Time
Save countless hours with our professional assistance to help you anticipate and better designed your Human Resource Structure. Boost your staff productivity.

Save energy on monitoring employees
Our unique “staff performance monitoring” will save you energy and time for your business development.


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