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Posted on 22/11/2021

A fire certificate is a legal requirement that proves that fire safety standards have been adhered to by business owners and is especially important for the following businesses:

  • Storage, use or handling of inflammable gas and hazardous chemicals.
  • Storage, use or handling of inflammable liquid and substances.
  • Any business, foreign or local, operating in Mauritius

You can now apply for a fire certificate online on the Mauritius government website through this link: E-services portal.

Procedure to Apply Online

Follow the following steps to apply for your fire certificate online in Mauritius:

  1. On the E-services page, go to page 3.
  2. Click on “Application for Fire Certificate”.
  3. Enter your username and password to sign in. If you do not already have an account, you may register for one on the registration page of the website.
  4. Once you have logged in, you will be directed to the online application for the fire certificate form.
  5. Complete all the required fields in the application form and attach any supporting documents. Click on “Submit”.
  6. Once submitted, the MFRS will then schedule a date within 5 days of receiving the form for inspection of your premises.
  7. If the inspection findings prove to be successful, then your fire certificate application will be approved.
  8. You will be notified about the payment fee for the certificate and the certificate will be issued within 3 days after payment.

Assistance with Online Application of Fire Certificate

You may also contact the team at Zenith Consultancy for assistance in fire certificate form application. We will help and guide you through each step to ensure that the application process is seamless. Moreover, we can provide tips on how to ensure your premises pass the inspection.

Our team will help you prepare all the required documents needed for the online application of the fire certificate by following the technical checklist established by the MDRS.Email us at or via phone: 86073.

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