Business Registration and Annual Company Return 2022

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Posted on 07/01/2022

Every business operating in Mauritius should be registered with the Registrar as per the Registration Act 2002. The law states that any person who is carrying out a business in Mauritius or Rodrigues must inform the authorities and register their company. This also applies to foreigners who are looking to start a new business in Mauritius as they should obtain the necessary permit to operate and work. The registration of companies can be done online or in-person at the Registrar office in Port Louis.

Main Information when Registering a Business

The main information that is required when registering a company includes:

  • The business name
  • The nature of the business
  • Its location
  • Date or proposed date of commencement of business
  • Contact details of the applicant

Since you are registering as a company, there are no costs associated with the process. Once you have submitted all documents, the CBRD will issue an electronic Business Registration Card that you can collect and is proof of your business having been registered.

While this process can be easy, it also can take time and first-time business owners might not understand the process completely. Luckily, the experts at Zenith Consultancy can help you out when you register your business. We ensure that all of your documents are in line as per the CBRD regulations and follow up with the necessary authorities to ensure your obtain your Business Registration Card as soon as possible.

Annual Company Return 2022

Along the same lines of business registration, every company that operates in Mauritius or Rodrigues need to make their annual return and tax payment. The filing can be done online via the MRA e-services or Mauritius Network Services.

The steps to filing your company return include:

  • Download the PLACH Direct Debit Mandate Form on the MRA website
  • Fill the form and sign
  • Send the form to the MRA office within 15 days of the due date for payment

If you are using the MNS platform, then you will need to file a CNP Application Form. The annual company return is important and every registered company in the country must abide by it. The year of assessment 2021-2022 relates to accounting year ending on any date falling on or between 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

The annual company return can be a cumbersome step and take time. Our team here at Zenith Consultancy can help you out with reliable services. We ensure that your annual return is drafted correctly, verified and sent on time to the appropriate government body.

You may reach out to us if you require help when it comes to business registration and annual company return on 86073.

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