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By 26/11/2021

The existence of a disciplinary committee is essential as per the Workers’ Rights Act 2019 to help an employee answer to any charge against him or her. The charge might range from a varied list of reasons but they most of the time have to do with alleged misconduct or poor performance. The disciplinary committee

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By 22/11/2021

A fire certificate is a legal requirement that proves that fire safety standards have been adhered to by business owners and is especially important for the following businesses: Storage, use or handling of inflammable gas and hazardous chemicals. Storage, use or handling of inflammable liquid and substances. Any business, foreign or local, operating in Mauritius

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By 20/11/2021

Any corporation, resident and non-resident, is subjected to tax in Mauritius. A resident corporation is subject to tax on its worldwide income while a non-resident corporation is liable to tax on any Mauritius-source income. Corporations are currently liable to a 15% income tax on their net income. Moreover, companies that deal in exportation of goods

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