Terms and Conditions


This website is owned and operated by Zenith Consultancy Ltd hereinafter referred to as “Zenith Consultancy ” or “We”

Each department of Zenith Consultancy operates independently but falls under one umbrella.

We undertake to keep all the information of the client secret and, will always work to protect the interest of the customer.

While we put in all effort to verify all information before it is delivered to ensure professionalism and accuracy, it will not be liable for any misinterpretation, misunderstanding, misconception, mistake or negligence by the client in following or executing instructions given.

Moreover, with regard to our Legal Compliance Advisory services, the contents primarily aim at providing guidelines only and, thus recipients are expected to act sensibly. We will not be liable for any damage suffered thereof.

We operate as an independent body and thus cannot associate with the client for any litigation whatsoever in court in the case of the breach.

We undertake to respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible but a reasonable lapse of time is needed especially after office hours, week-end, public holidays and peak times- Reasonable times may range from one hour to one day.

Our service price excludes third parties’ costs/fees/remuneration/compensation in all cases. This shall be indicated by asterix or communicated on paper while agreeing on services.

Whilst we may have a pool of trained candidates at Zenith Training Institution, we cannot guarantee the availability of suitable candidate to fill your vacancy upon request. But, we shall do our level best to serve you to your satisfaction.

We do not guarantee placement (by whatever name called), permanent and/or temporary job as, amongst other things, this largely depends on the candidate’s performance during the interview, placement or probation.

Job postings are subject to our approval, format and discretion. Upon your request, we shall decide whether or not to post your vacancy.

Organisations are required to provide us with a feedback on the outcome of an interview.

We reserve the right not to post a job for non-payment, late payment, maximum number of postings exceeded, non-recruitment or failure to provide feedback.

A job vacancy post will remain on our website for a minimum of Two weeks , and maximum of One month.

Zenith Consultancy is an equal opportunity employer.



If you wish to notify any cancellations, refunds or requests for transfers, you must write to admin@zenithconsultancy.mu. Alternatively call Zenith Consultancy on 465 2793 or 5443 2326 to discuss your options.

More than 13 working days from Course commencement

In the event of a cancellation, the Institution will refund the fees paid in full if Zenith Consultancy is advised in writing of a cancellation more than 13 working days before the Course Commencement Date.

13 business days or less from Course commencement

In the event of notification of a cancellation 13 working days or less before the Course Commencement date, only 50% of fees paid will be refunded to cover administrative and other fees. Zenith Consultancy cannot accept responsibility for changes to work commitments or personal circumstances within this 13 working day period.

We reserve the right to cancel the course if we do not meet the minimum number of attendees in which case you will be refunded in full.

In case the course is cancelled by Zenith Consultancy for whatever reasons, we will refund you in full.

Once you booked a place online or otherwise, it means you have to make payment within one day or as otherwise agreed. You shall thus be dealt with according to our refund policy as the case may be. Fees refer to registration and course fee.

Free Course Fee means you will not be charged for the Course except for a Registration Fee which will be communicated to you as appropriate.