HRDC Business Advisory Services Scheme 2021/2023

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Posted on 13/01/2022

In the Budget Speech 2021/2022, it was announced that there would be a bigger focus to enhancing ICT/BPO sector’s development and resilience. The main objective of this measure is to allow enterprises, both small and medium, to restructure their business model through independent financial services or business review from professional consultants.

This scheme is called the Business Advisory Services Scheme and is open to all SMEs operating in Mauritius and that contribute to the training levy with the HRDC. This measure will be in place for 2 years, starting as from 1st of July 2021, and will be financed under the National Training Fund of the HRDC.

Conditions of Eligibility

The conditions attached to this scheme are as follows:

  • Enterprises that contribute to the training levy up to Rs100,000 annually are eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  • Enterprises that have contributed to the training levy up to Rs50,000 for the year 2021/2022 will be eligible as their rate of contribution was 0.5% instead of the normal 1%.
  • Enterprises may also benefit for the refund of Business Advisory Services in the ears 2021/2022 and 2022/2023 subject to their availability of unutilized levy contribution.
  • Small enterprises may also benefit from this scheme by accumulating unutilized contribution over a two year period.
  • Enterprises will be allowed to claim for refund for Business Advisory Services during the years 2021/2022 and 2022/2023.
  • The consultancy firm/individual providing the Business Advisory Services must have a valid BRC and be in operation for at least one year.
  • The Business Advisory exercise must be completed within a period of four months from the date of receipt of the acknowledgement letter from the HRDC.

Procedures to Follow

Enterprises who are interested in this scheme must check for their unutilized contribution from the Online Training Grand Platform or request it directly from the HRDC via email. Eligible companies will then need to submit an application form along with relevant documents. The HRDC will then evaluate the validity and eligibility of the enterprise to benefit from this scheme and inform the interested party of the final decision.

If you feel that your enterprise is eligible for this scheme, then you can get in touch with the professionals at Zenith Consultancy so they can help you with the procedures. We boasts a team of knowledgeable experts who can help you expand your business and achieve your goals under this scheme. Hence, we would work closely with you to file the application and help you develop your business once the application is approved.

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