Online HR Support During Covid-19

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Posted on 03/12/2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way that businesses operate and has caused various long-lasting economic consequences. This ‘new normal’ has forced many businesses in Mauritius to reevaluate their strategy and relearn new skills to readapt to themselves. 

The HR has played a pivotal role in ensuring that employees remain productive and motivated while dealing with the more business side of things including:

  • Management of employees and business processes
  • Legal paperwork relating to employee laws and regulations
  • Realigning the business’ protocols and regulations as per new Covid-19 employee laws

Reevaluating Ways of Doing Things

The pandemic has allowed HR specialists to reevaluate the way of doing things and how things can be changed to be more effective. Hence, things like cutting costs, prioritizing business goals and updating digital tools has been the focus areas for many HR. Moreover, they are now questioning things that they used to do and trying to find new and more efficient ways of doing it. And with the advent of the internet and its digital tools, everything is being moved online.

Relearning Skills and Capabilities

The Covid-19 pandemic has also allowed everyone to understand their own limitations and capabilities. This is useful in the world of HR as they are better equipped to know what training employees require in order to perform in their work. For instance, many businesses have had to go online to communicate with their employees and this has provided a need for digital knowledge. Hence, employees are encouraged to voice out their needs to upskill.

Readapting to new HR Requirements

The HR department has had to adapt to new laws and regulations that are set out by the Government in view of the Covid-19 pandemic. This means changing existing business protocols and taking new factors into consideration such as self-isolation, leaves without pays, sick leaves and more. HR has had to reimagine the structure and delivery of their work and employee contracts. 

Safe Online HR Assistance

During these times, having a socially distanced facilitated HR service is an important business aspect. That is why the experts at Zenith Consultancy is here to help you out with reliable and safe online HR services. We pride ourselves on providing safe, quick and cost effective online HR services for small and medium businesses in Mauritius. We act as your virtual HR support and help you in everything related to:

  • Management of employees
  • Setting up of contracts
  • Legal changes and requirements as per the new Covid-19 laws
  • Employment law and regulations
  • Employee recruitment, promotion and dismissal
  • Leaves and sick leaves

We take care of all your business HR needs online so that you can stay safe, save time, energy and money as well as successfully managing your business. The outcome of having an online HR support group is also the same as a physical one, but this one is safer for everyone. Our team is all ears for you: 86073.

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