Human Resource- A Modern Approach

A Humane (& Legally Approved) Approach

Zenith Consultancy helps you to structure or restructure an efficient Human Resource that aligns with your company’s goals. Our team of experts provide companies with an efficient Human Resource structure, from consultancy service to implementation and regular on-site assistance. Contact us for:

  • Monitoring of HR Management
  • Helping you keep abreast of the competition and changing situations
  • Cost-effective Human Resource solutions
  • Efficient HR strategies that align with your company goals
  • Staff performance monitoring
  • Absences and lateness

We also help you keep up to date with new governmental policies relating to employment, training schemes and refund policies from the HRDC.

Zenith Consultancy knows that hiring the right candidate for a job is key to company success and employee productivity. Hence, we assist you in the recruitment process and support you on:

  • Job advertisement
  • Candidates interview
  • Induction of new employees
  • Employment contract
  • Briefing on rules and regulations policy

What we also excel at: legal and offshore compliance, occupational health and safety, taxation, training, immigration and work permit and more. 

Need help in human resource management? Call us on our free hotline: 86073