Legal Compliance- Your Modern-Day Solution

Advisory and Compliance

We advise you on the regulatory framework of your business activity and, help you comply without spending unnecessarily. Common legal areas covered are listed below:

  • Employment laws
  • Company law
  • Taxation
  • Immigration law
  • Intellectual Property law
  • Affidavit


Modern-day problem

People have easy access to information and, can disseminate any news within seconds to millions. So, as a wise person who cares about business reputation, you won’t take any risk.

Thus, we are at your service for legal advice and compliance.

Vetting and drafting of Employment contract, Lease agreement and other Service Contract

Our specialist will listen to your needs and, prepare tailor-made agreement in compliance with the Mauritian Law. We strongly discourage over-reliance on templates from the internet as these do not conform with the local laws and you may have to spend a lot of money in terms of damages or compensation in case of breach.

Disciplinary Committee

Disciplinary Committees can be detrimental to an organisation if not done according to law. For example, you may be found liable for unfair dismissal thereby paying thousands or millions of rupees despite having all the reasons in the world to dismiss someone.

Why take the risk when we are here?

We provide a complete service ranging from legal representative, venue, independent chairman and all necessary follow up at a very affordable rate.

We assist you all the way through by minimising your cost and, maximising your chance of being successful.

Labour Dispute Resolution

Labour dispute is all over the place. Access to internet at workplace is worsening the situation with instant news dissemination to all staffs and even media. This really affects your organisation in multiple ways.

But don’t worry, we can help you as we are doing for many companies already. We strongly believe that good communication can solve many labour disputes. But you need to have the tact and time to do it.

We are the round-about at the abrupt junction between employer and employee which prevents clashes from occurring. Our specialists have resolved over 50 labour disputes in the most professional way to avoid unnecessary costs and time and without disrupting the smooth operation of the company.

Company law

Very often you set up a company without knowing basics of company law. You spend a lot of money and, time unnecessarily in paying fines. At times, your company is under the process of being closed, and yet, you are not aware of it.

At Zenith Consultancy, we assist you on specific aspects of company law like:

Company formation and establishment

We assist you in incorporating and, establishing your business

Annual compliance and statutory maintenance

Our team can help you deal with on-going compliance and statutory maintenance matters.

Restructuring and business rationalisation

We help you in restructuring your entity and support you in managing changes as your business grows.

With us, you can therefore kick start your business operation in the most professional way, and thereafter comply with the legal requirement to avoid getting into the unnecessary muddle.


Many entrepreneurs think that complying with taxation regulatory framework is a curse especially when his or her business start becoming profitable. Some are afraid of hiring the service of a professional accountant and undertake the work themselves in an amateur way. Some undervalue his input and opt for individuals with whom they cannot sign confidentiality or privacy agreement. Consequently, the apprehension that your turnover might be wrong or might be disclosed to others especially competitors propels.

In reality, a good accountant is one your key partners to success. We thus help you understand the existing legal framework and, eventually assist in submitting your tax in the most diligent way in compliance with the law.

Intellectual Property Law

It can be very frustrating to trade on a name for some time and, then discover that someone else has got a similar trademark registered already.

Our team shall assist you in getting everything right from the very start of your business by taking care of every steps in registering your trademark.

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